Tuesday, August 19, 2014


I have been pretty silent lately on the blog, partly due to being busy and fully due to selling the house. That math doesn't make sense, but then I don't do math which is why I went to law school. So, we are officially under contract and moving next week. Oh my gosh. 

It's been a really interesting process and way more stressful than buying a home was. Aside from keeping a house completely spotless, and showing the house with an 8 month old that still naps twice a day, we had many ups and downs along the way. After three weeks on the market, we had really good foot traffic, and even a couple of repeat lookers.... But crickets. Finally three weeks in, we got our first offer. And it proceeded to get weird from there. 

The offer was ridiculously low, almost to the point we didn't even counter back. But we did, and in hindsight we wish we hadn't. Those buyers were incredibly wishy washy from the get go and their realtor who was all but absent from the entire process. It was a nightmare. Luckily, we got three more offers and a backup contract. The initial buyers ended up backing out, and now we are set to close with the new buyers next week. So, we had to go through two separate inspections, two separate appraisals, and lots of stress along the way. I am so glad we are almost done with this experience!

Onto the next stressful part of the move- finding a rental. Rather than rush to find a home to buy in Savannah, we decided we would take our time and figure out which area of town would be the right fit for our family. That way we can get it right the first time and not be locked into a mortgage anywhere. Finding a rental in a good area of town, with a fenced yard that allowed dogs, and a cute place is extremely difficult to come by. I looked for weeks and weeks and finally one popped up on Craigslist. As it turned out,my Sav family knew the owners and the deal was made. We are renting a really cute 3bd/2ba on beautiful Isle of Hope, within walking distance to the marina and Bluff Drive. Excited is not the word!!! Cannot even wait. The house just happens to be within a mile of my family, too. My husband says it's a conspiracy. Pumped.

So, the Atlanta house is mostly packed which is why I haven't been decorating or DIY'ing. My art supplies are also in boxes, but I can't wait to pick up a brush again. I look forward to getting involved in the art scene in Savannah and doing a few shows here and there around town. 

A couple of my abstracts I posted to instagram (@ashleyhoustondesigns)

I also look forward to designing a new house, even if it's a rental. Any tips on rental decor? Savannah artists, any groups or clubs I should look into? 

Adios, ATL!


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