Wednesday, August 13, 2014

8 Months!

Miss Priss is 8 months old today and full of life. She is one active little girl. From the moment she's up in the morning to the time she crashes at night she is a busy lady! 

Her favorite thing to do right now is stand up and walk around the sides of her crib and pack-n-play. She plays so well in the p-n-p with all of her toys. She's gotten really good at walking around while holding on. Not sure when she will decide to let go and try it- don't think I am ready for all that yet! 

She is still loving the pool and went swimming many times over the last month. 

She is starting to look more like her daddy everyday. 

Although she still looks a whole lot like me, too. 

She got to play with her friend Riley a few weeks ago! Riley wore her out! I foresee these two having lots of playtime in the future. 

Evans is a bona fide member of the clean plate club. She loves her sippy cup and loves to feed herself. I've started giving her more finger foods and chopped up fruits and soft vegetables. She hardly ever leaves a crumb :) She only has 2 bottles a day now- morning and night. She would much rather have the real food! 

Lately she is totally intrigued by the washer and dryer. She will walk into the laundry room with her walker and stare at them going round and round. Easy entertainment, I'll take it! 

This month she got her first pair of shoes. I never saw the point in her wearing shoes as a baby, but now that she is mobile they seem to be a good idea. I couldn't resist these denim cuties!  

On this particular day, I told Hubs to dress her in something cute. He came down with her in all of her Braves gear. Sillies. 

Did I mention she pulls up on everything now? One of her go to spots is at the big bay window. She's soaking in the sun,  completely oblivious to her mom who is about to eat her up. 

So, here we are at 8 months. She is a wild and crazy girl. She has no time to sit still or cuddle. She is on the go-go-go most of her waking hours. I love hearing her giggles and the pitter patter of her little feet as she makes laps around the house in her walker. I laugh at her doing her "fake cry" just for attention, which is quickly followed by a smirk. The smell of her hair takes my breath away, and her chubby legs make me grind my teeth they are so cute. She's a complete handful. She's temperamental and opinionated already. She's a stinker and can be a fussy mess. 

Evans, you are some kind of wonderful. 


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