Friday, September 5, 2014

Off to Savannah

We finished packing up the Atlanta house last week. It was hard work, as anyone who has moved knows. Here is Evans playing with the few toys I left out to keep her occupied on moving day. It was so weird to see our living room so empty. A room that has so many memories and so much life stripped down to just a few toys and packed boxes. 

One of Evans' favorite things to do was sit and play in the driveway. We would do that for hours some days. This is the last time she got to do that at the Atlanta house. You can see the moving truck off in the distance. She sat and watched them load up every box and piece of furniture, and as I looked on I honestly fought back tears. 

Not that we weren't excited. We were ecstatic. Moving to the coast and close to family. Selling a home in a good real estate market. Paying off debt. New beginnings. A fresh start. Salt air. We were thrilled. 

But, the excitement was equally met with nostalgia and sadness. Truly a bittersweet time. This was home for three years. Three wonderful years. It was hard telling our neighbors and friends goodbye. It was difficult to leave such a family friendly neighborhood. The type of neighborhood where if you are outside, neighbors walk up into your driveway to chat. The house gave us so much and we loved it right back. 

We grew by two family members (Blakely & Evans) since this closing day in 2011. We learned things about home improvement as well as self improvement. We fought, we laughed, and we darn right lived in this house. It was a great home. 

But, move we did. To Savannah! We are so glad to finally be here. We had so much help from family along the way with packing, unpacking, and taking care of Evans and Blakely. We are so grateful. 

I still can't believe we live here. Isle of Hope is so beautiful. 

We decided to rent for a year while we look for houses or land. Only a week in, and we are loving this area and neighborhood. We might just end up in Isle of Hope, who knows. The rental is so cute. We are having some shrinking pains as it is about half the size of our old house. But it's clean, it's safe, and it's just right for a rental. Once we figure out how to Tetris our way in, we will be good to go. Here's a few pictures I got as we were moving in. 

We do miss our house, but couldn't be happier about being in Savannah. I am so grateful I blogged those three years so that I can always look back on the times we had. But in the meantime, we are busy making new memories here. 

Houston House, Savannah edition. Here we go!


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