Monday, June 9, 2014

Our House: First Floor

As I sat here waiting for the photographer to arrive to get pictures for our house listing, a slew of emotions were running over me. I'm first excited about the future and where our move to Savannah may lead us. I look forward to being close to family and close to the ocean again. Atlanta has always made me feel landlocked, and I used to get claustrophobic just watching the weather because you can't see the ocean on the local map.... I am serious about that, ask Hubs. 

Second, I am happy the house is so clean. It's been a huge challenge to get it in order with a 6 month old in tow, but somehow I managed. Hubs worked hard in the yard all weekend as well. Between our efforts, we somehow pulled it off. Although, I do wish the grandparents were here to help with Evans because now I'm pooped! 

Third, I feel very nostalgic. Although we first lived in the condo in town when we were first married, this house was really our first home. I remember the day we moved in and it feels like it was yesterday, although it was nearly 3 years ago. This house is the reason I started blogging. We had so many firsts in this home. New jobs, bringing home Blakely, and becoming parents among them. There are so many memories here. 

You see, this isn't just a living room. That spot in front of the wicker basket is where Blakely loved to lay on her bed in the sun and snooze while Hubs lounged in his recliner. That nook in front of the bay window is where Evans slept in her swing for nearly 10 weeks. Those walls are the result of 18 hours between Hubs and I pulling off grasscloth, sanding and repainting. My dad hung those sconces and the new fan, and Hubs and I almost divorced over the installation of those curtain rods.  

To the same, this isn't just a front sitting room. It's Hubs' home office where he works most days without hardly even a lunch break. I'm so proud of him and his success. 

And the dining room where we have hosted so many people and so many meals. Of course, I am still waiting on my 4th curtain from Ballard that is still on back order.....

I'm not sure I've ever shared the kitchen. I really don't enjoy cooking and never have, which is why Hubs does most of the cooking himself on the grill. I hear double ovens are a big deal though. 

Home sweet home for the last 3 years. Going to be so hard to leave! 


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