Friday, June 13, 2014

6 Months!

Happy 6 months to Evans Elizabeth! What a crazy time of ups and downs it has been so far. Every minute has been a learning experience for all of us. I couldn't be prouder of or more thankful for you, Little Boots. 

At six months old, you love toys that light up and play music. 

You also love your daddy and his beard. 

You love to be outside, and often play with mommy in the grass or in the driveway for hours on end. 

You love to swing at the playground. You probably wish I'd push you higher. 

You love to chew on anything and everything. Your first tooth popped through this week! It's the bottom right tooth. It hasn't affected your sleeping yet or your mood really. I hope you have no big teething problems. 

You love to stroll, and lately you've fallen asleep on your afternoon rides through the neighborhood. This week you transitioned to two naps, one at 9 and one around 1, but sometimes you will sneak in a quick stroller snooze, too.

You love your grandparents. Papa came this week to visit. You light up when he is in a room, and you think his mustache is funny. 

Happy 6 months to a happy little girl. We love you more than we ever thought possible. One day when you read this you will probably be rolling your eyes, to which I will say just wait til you have kids.

You'll be a blubbering, proud, misty-eyed mom, too. Love you! 

And happy anniversary to this guy. 5 years of marriage and everyday he makes me laugh. 


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