Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Our House: Second Floor

Well, as of today the house is OFFICIALLY on the market. I cannot believe it. Like I said, it's exciting but also scary. I'm attached to this house after three years here. We have also done so much work and updates to this place, and most of which was done with our own hands! For instance, I've painted every square inch of this house. We have taken down every last bit of wallpaper and changed almost all of the lighting. Most of the interior doors are now black, and almost all of the hardware is new. 

I hope whoever does buy this home takes good care of it. Is that weird? I would just hate to talk to our neighbors down the road and hear that the place went downhill, that the grass is never cut, that the gutters need cleaning, that the fence is falling down, etc. I think that would kill me. This place is like my first child, and I always want it looked after well. 

Master Bedroom & Bath

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3

Bedroom 4

I think one of the best things about this house is the closet space. Every bedroom has a walk in closet. That was surprising to me considering the house was built in the 80's and closets back then were usually teeny tiny. I use one for Evans' toys, one for all my Christmas stuff, and one for my hoarding- or collection- of fabrics and pillows. There's an attic for storage, too, but I figured since it's just us I could use the space I had on the second floor. 

In any event, we will have to pack up all of my hoarding-collections if the house sells. Ugh. If it doesn't sell, that's ok, too. I am so torn over the move and am praying for guidance and the right plan for our family. Here we go!


Lonestar Inv said...

The colors that were chosen are perfect for the size of the rooms. The neutral colors blend exceptionally well with the decor. The way the colors transitions from room to room's outstanding. Great Job

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