Friday, May 23, 2014

5 on Friday!

Linking up today with these girls!

Yes, I DO wish I lived with Betsy and Niko. Duh. (check out the tour here, here, and sources here).

 It's Memorial Day weekend, and Hubs is sick! Bummer. I have plans to get in the yard and to do some tidying up. Mainly smoothing out pinestraw edges and replacing one of our indian hawthorns that died. Do you have hawthorns in your yard? Dang, ours got some sort of fungus that is trying to take them all out! Annoying! On another note, our day lilies are about to bloom. I walk out there every day to see if we have any blooms yet, we certainly have a lot of buds! 

The neighborhood pool opens this weekend and I couldn't be more excited! My mom got Evans the cutest little swimsuit, cover up, and matching anchor hat from Gymboree. I can't wait to see how Evans likes the pool. If she is anything like I was, she'll be a little fish. Sun up to sun down swimming. That was my childhood right there. 

Over Mother's Day weekend, I noticed Easy Canvas Prints was running a 60% off deal. 60% is hard to walk away from, so I decided I'd give them a shot. I ordered two prints from Evans' 4 month session with Erica, and they turned out so great. I would definitely recommend Easy Canvas Prints. What a great gift it would make for birthdays, etc? One hangs in our bathroom, and one over little E's crib. Love that munchkin. 

One more week until JOURNEY! Hubs bought me tickets to see my all time favorite band, and opening act Steve Miller. I am so pumped! This will be our second weekend away from E. We are doing a little Atlanta staycation for our anniversary. Since we moved out of the city and up to suburbia, we haven't really enjoyed the city aspect (especially since having the little Evie Booter). Excited to try out restaurants (Optimist!) we haven't been to yet (there's just so many in this city), and we may or may not be attending one stellar Walking Dead event at Phillips. Yes, we are complete dorks. What of it?

The Optomist, Atlanta, GA

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. God bless our country, God bless our military, and God bless our military families! Lord knows we owe you all of our gratitude and then some.


Tiffany {A Touch of Grace} said...

I love canvas prints! Love the photos you chose! Sorry your hubby is sick. :( I hope it passes soon.
We're going to see Journey & SM in July when they come! I've seen Journey before b/c I LOVE them, but am excited to see Steve Miller this year! Should be an awesome concert! Have fun!

Leslie said...

Those prints are lovely. I love how they add interest to a space without too many frills!! Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

Alfa Sengupta said...

Stopping by from the link up!

Those EYES! She's beautiful! And I love those prints...they came out amazing. I still haven't done any but I constantly see deals and I'm always like "next time". But seeing yours, I'm pretty convinced I need to order some for my daughter!

Stop by and say hi!

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