Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Savannah Dream Home: Part II

I shared Part I of my cousin's home yesterday. Today I'm sharing the guest rooms and rec room. There are several rooms I didn't get pictures of that I will have to show you another time. (Yes, there's more to this home!!) Niko's office, breakfast room and sitting room, dining room, and another guest room and bath.

Let's start today with my Aunt Mary's room. This is where my aunt and uncle stay when they hang out or babysit Watts, etc. Betsy let Aunt Mary pick colors and fabrics she liked. This was one of my favorite rooms. I love a classic navy and white bedroom, but the bathroom did not disappoint either. In fact, I was drooling all over myself. Hopefully no one noticed.

Aunt Mary's Room

Aunt Mary's Bathroom

What more is there to say? Perfection.

Balcony off Aunt Mary's room... and my cousin Brooke enjoying the view. 

The view

Another guest room, I loved the bed! 

And the rec room/ Watts' playroom 

The bar in the rec room was so nice. I thought the counters looked like oysters- turns out it IS oysters. This is oyster blue limestone in a leather finish. It was amazing. 

Even the stairs were fabulous. The runner was a seagrass/jute style. I will ask Betsy for specifics. It was beautiful. As Hubs said, even the railings are nice! Ha. 

And that concludes our tour of this beauty. If you have questions about sources (lighting, fabrics, paint, etc) I will ask Betsy for you. I'll be back tomorrow with a post on sources and answering your questions. I've gotten several emails so far about this one! Not at all surprising! Thank you so much Betsy and Niko for letting me share your beautiful home.

Now it's time to play a game called what doesn't belong in this picture? 

Our Ford Taurus. HAHA.



Holy smokes.....that is what I call "big girl" house! The decorating is stunning....that master bedroom and bath....wowza!

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