Thursday, April 3, 2014

Sixteen Weeks

The week started out with daddy daycare. I had a baby shower to go to on Saturday which left Hubs in charge. She took the bottles just fine, thank goodness. Hopefully any bottle drama is behind us.

I got her one of those piano kick and play deals and she LOVES it. I know it sounds silly, but she only had one play mat before. She loves the play mat still, but I felt bad that she was only getting to stare at one thing when I put her down for play time. Ha. I mean, I don't want her getting bored right?


The weather has been AWESOME this week, so we've gone outside everyday. I take her on strolls around the neighborhood and we sit together on the back porch. So great to finally have spring here!!! I told Hubs if there is a next baby, we should have a summer baby (you know because you can control God's plans and all, ha). Being cooped up indoors with a newborn can get a bit cabin fevery. 

And since the weather has been gorgeous, she's gotten to wear some of her cute dresses. I love little girl clothes!

On sleeping- she has OFFICIALLY SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT FOR ONE FULL WEEK!!!!!!!!!!! That deserved all caps and I hope it seemed like I was shouting, because I AM. She is such a good little sleeper now, I'm wondering what happened to my child. Where did she go? HA! I hesitate to put that in writing because sure as Christmas she will revert back to her old ways now, but let's hope not. I mean a full week of sleeping through the night, that's a habit right? 

The other morning I actually had to WAKE HER UP at 9:00am. She was slightly grumpy. Yes, she's still in that swing. But one thing at a time. I'm enjoying the sleep for now!

Her bed head is too funny. 

I cannot control her cow lick no matter what I do. I've brushed it, wet it, put lotion on it, vaseline, seriously it always pops straight back up! HA. Our little rooster. 

She is still loving that thumb...

 And she loves the Gamecocks....

Here's a health Carolina, forever to thee!

And she absolutely loves being naked. Babies.

Now that she is sleeping better, she is a MUCH happier child. I can't believe the difference. She still has a hard time staying up longer than 1 hour to 1.5 hours between her naps, but when she is awake she is all smiles and coos and sweetness. Love her so. 

All along I've said and I've been told she looks like me and like my mom did as a baby. But here lately I do see some of Hubs creeping in... Something about her eyebrows/forehead or something. Not really sure. I still think she is mostly me though.

 As for me, I am FINALLY back in some of my old clothes!!!!!!!!!!!!! My jeans are still a little snug and I have 7 pounds still left to shed, but whatever, I got them zipped and buttoned. That's what counts! ECSTATIC to not have to wear maternity pants anymore. WOO!

E also received a present in the mail all the way from Italy. I meant to post on this last week actually. Her Aunt Lauren sent her a beautiful plate straight from Vietri. How cool is that? I picture it being her special birthday/holiday plate she eats from. Didn't you have one of those growing up?

Sixteen weeks, and things are for sure getting better around here. I think I'll keep her, wink. ;)


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