Friday, April 4, 2014

Five on Friday!

Linking up today with these fun girls! FRIDAY!


I'm loving the fact that my almost 4 month old is now sleeping through the night. Evans has been sleeping consistently 7:00pm-8:30am for over a week now! BUT, it was all in her swing... until last night! She FINALLY slept in her crib, and I'm totally thrilled beyond words about this! First time she has ever slept longer than an hour in her own bed without any tears. I know you mamas out there can relate to the complete awesome factor going on here- baby sleeping in her own room in her own bed all night long. HOORAY baby Evans!  


I'm loving this weather lately! My oh my it's been a long cold winter in Atlanta. The snow was cool the first go round (minus the complete traffic nightmare it caused us here in the city), but the second go round and the ice storms that followed were not fun whatsoever. I'm happy to have some warmer days to get outside and soak in a good dose of vitamin D for a change. Even if it means pollen is upon us. Bring it!


My good friend Ann had her sweet baby girl yesterday! I'm so thrilled for her and Tyler. Can't wait to meet little miss Ellis. I know she and Evans are going to be the best of friends. Can't you see it? Evans & Ellis. Sounds like it could be a brand name. 


I'm itching to bring out my paints again now that I have a little more free time with Evans sleeping so much better. I think it's about time I reopen the gallery. It's such a soothing hobby for me, and it's been way too long since I picked up my paint brush. I've still got a few paintings half finished from last summer... that's pretty bad. 


I've been daydreaming lately about building a house one day... so this has led me to searching house plans. Did you know Southern Living has house plans? Holy swooning over here.

Happy Friday!


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