Thursday, April 10, 2014

Seventeen Weeks

Evans has been sleeping through the night for two weeks now! And I don't mean a piddly 5-6 hours, she's doing 11-13 hours every night. HOORAY. I know there will be bumps in the road and more sleepless nights ahead, but I cannot tell you how amazing the sleep is right now! I'm feeling like a new woman and a better mommy. 

Here she is after her first full night of sleep in the CRIB. No more baby swing! Look at that big girl :)


She is all over the crib like a crazy woman during her sleep. So much so that I had to ask other mommy friends to see if their babies do the same thing- apparently it's totally normal. I wasn't sure she was actually sleeping with all that moving around! Crazy girl.

This week she learned how to roll to her stomach. She is shocked every time she does it! Her face is so funny to me here, like "WOW, look at me!" 

She is now waking herself up to practice rolling over. She likes to roll to her stomach and sleep there sometimes. That really freaks me out, but I guess it's okay since she's strong enough to do it. 

Her naps have gotten a little shorter now that she is sleeping through the night, but I'd rather the night sleep than the daytime zzzzzs. On this particular night, she barely even made it through her bath before going to bed. I'm still doing a pretty strict nighttime routine with her- eat, bath and the Jewel lullabye CD (which, ps, is awesome!), baby massage, pjs, bed.

What is it about a sleeping baby? Ahh, melt my heart. 

She's getting stronger at tummy time and has started grabbing onto her toys. Lots of new discovery happening nowadays.

And since baby's first Easter is coming up, she had to get a basket. Duh. I was asking Hubs what the heck you put in a baby's Easter basket? She likes... um, diapers? He said "I'm not sure that she does. Have you seen the things she does to diapers?" Ha. Still though, I couldn't resist this Pottery Barn Kids basket.

And on our trips, we've quickly run out of room for mommy stuff and baby gear, so I took advantage of the recent luggage sale Pottery Barn Kids was having. How cute is this luggage?! Hubs travels all the time, and Evans' luggage is nicer than his. 

Her hair is definitely filling out on the top of her head again. She is slowly getting rid of her Jack Nicholson look. But, she is getting her mama's widow's peak. Sorry lovebug, looks like you are going to get all of my wonderful cowlicks afterall.

At seventeen weeks she is finally on a somewhat schedule. Right now it looks something like this:

between 7:30-8:00 Up
8:00 Eat
8:45 nap 1
between 10:30-11:00 Up
11:00 Eat
12:15 nap 2
between 1:30-2:00 Up
2:15 Eat
between 3-5 nap 3
4:30 Eat (unless she's snoozing- then she eats when she gets up from nap 3)
5:30 maybe quick cat nap depending on how nap 3 went
6:15 Eat
6:20 Time with Daddy
6:45 Bath
7:00 BED
10:30 Dreamfeed

I know it will change, but that is what she's doing at 4 months old. In the 4 months she's been here, we've given her a slew of nicknames. I'm not surprised considering how many nicknames we have for our dogter, Blakely. You knew a human daughter would get just as many. When I was pregnant, she got the nickname Booter because she kicked me so much. So, from that we've gotten Booter, Boots, Evie Boots, Bootsie-Bear. Yes. Poor girl doesn't stand a chance. And if you think those are bad- how about Nugget, Angel Pants, and Bubbaloo? I'm wondering how quickly we can embarrass her before she's even walking. Then there's eeeeeh because that's her initials (EEH). Also Evs, Evie, E, Little E, and E-baby. 

And for a little while there, we affectionately called her PITA. Because she was a pain in the ---. HA. We love you, sweet girl :)


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