Friday, April 25, 2014

Nineteen Weeks

Nineteen weeks! E took a trip to see the grandparents for Easter. She's such a good car rider, and I'm very thankful for that. She pretty much sleeps the whole ride.

Easter Sunday we took her to the church nursery for the first time. Service was right during her nap time, so I had no idea how she would do. When I went to pick her up, one of the ladies was holding her and E was crying- great. But the lady said E was good and had only just started fussing. Not really E's fault, she'd been up over 2 hours at that point. Her limit is usually 1.5 hours before she turns into a pumpkin :) That night she slept hard, and bedtime got moved up about 45 minutes. 

She also had her first trip to the zoo! My mom and I took her and met two of my best friends and their kiddos. My "second mom" (my bestie Ash's mon) came along, too. It is always great to catch up with old friends. Especially now that we all have kids of our own. Arranged friendships. Evans basically slept the whole time. I guess the monkeys and tigers didn't impress her much. 

My mom is totally smitten with this little girl. She hardly puts the baby down ;)

I introduced E to Lake Murray, too- well at least to the dam anyways. We went strolling along and got to soak in the views and sunshine. Man, I miss home. You won't find views like this in ATL- but then again, Columbia is just now getting their first JCrew and Anthropologie, and still doesn't have a Pottery Barn. There are trade offs, I guess. ;)

Developmentally, it's been a big week for E. She has mastered flipping, and now does the pencil roll over and over. She pushes up onto her hands now, and is starting to army crawl in circles around her play mat. It always wears her out. 

She's been a fussy one around naps this week, and is hardly napping longer than 40 minutes at a time. Night sleep is still awesome though- so I'm not complaining. 

4.5 months old- where is the time going?!


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