Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Mom's Living Room

So, check this out, two design posts in one week. That's saying something! Although, this week with my almost 10 week old hasn't been super easy... but I'll get to that on another day. Today I'm sharing some ideas for my mom and dad's living room. It's a super traditional room that they updated back in 2001. It needs another update. Not that it isn't a beautiful room, but my mom is wanting something fresh and a bit brighter. 

The room right now is what I'd call woodsy. It's still got the original stained trim and gorgeous oversized mantel surrounding the fireplace. My dad does good handy work.... even back in the 80's when this house was built. The furniture all must stay. It's all in great condition, no surprise with my neat freak mother. It's also very comfortable and fits the room perfectly. They have a sofa, loveseat, wingback chair, and large club chair/ottoman set. It all coordinates and is a hunter green color. So, I figure the easiest way to update the space is with paint and accessories.

Of course, the only picture I have on this computer is from Christmas. Ha.  The couches are in the fabric of the throw pillow. The pattern in real life is much more muted than it is in this pic.

I'm thinking a large natural jute rug, fresh white linen curtains, and throw pillows in several shades of green and in lots of different textures. Leather, velvet, linen, and possibly some faux animal fur for good measure.


For lamps, I think she should go with something like these glass table lamps from Ballard Designs.

And for updating the paint, which is currently a beige neutral, something still neutral but with a hint of gray.  I'm thinking Benjamin Moore Jute or Edgecomb Gray. They are very similar.

Hubs is going to look at this and say they are the same color, ha.  So, that's all the ideas I have. The only thing better than shopping for new paint and accessories? Shopping for new paint and accessories on your mother's dime. HA! 

And maybe to finish things out, a nice bright abstract ala ME.  

Have you updated a traditional space lately? What ideas do you have?


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