Monday, February 17, 2014

Basement Progress

Well, it's been about forever since I posted anything design related. You know, newborns require a ton of attention, who knew? My time is so limited right now, but I did manage to squeeze in a few moments to take some pictures of the basement updates. There's still some things to do in here, mostly styling and finishing the bathroom. But, here are some progress pictures of where it's at so far. Hubs loves it. He's been watching the Olympics down here every night after Evans and I go to bed. I have an early bedtime these days- whenever the baby is sleeping I try to do the same! 

Let's start with the way things were. Nasty old carpets, nasty old bathroom, and we basically used this room as storage. 

Now it's a usable space. We feel like we've added square footage onto the house just by this update. We started with the floors. I say we, it was Hubs and my dad's handy work. Hubs also painted all the trim white. I added the gallery wall here. It includes all of Hubs' sports memorabilia from over the years, along with some pretty awesome autographs. I still need to make a tailored skirt for the console table. Right now it's just a piece of fabric folded over like a table cloth. Hubs isnt sold on the idea. Says it's not manly. What do men know? Maybe I'll find the time to make it one of these days! 

How the heck do you photograph a not-so-well-lit basement, by the way? You got me, people.

 The large baskets I thought would be a great place to stash all of our board games and blankets. Right now they are sitting empty. Again.. the time... Oh me.

My first get-out-the-house trip post baby, I ran into HomeGoods and scored this floor lamp and white tray. 

I also got this basket on that trip. The blanket is made of Hubs' old jerseys and tshirts. Glory days. 

Pillows ala Etsy and HomeGoods. Hubs isn't big on throw pillows. But again, what do men know? ;)

Sometimes, we just have to hold their hands, bat our eyes, and tell them lovingly "you're wrong".

Am I right? 

Movie posters with all of Hubs' favorites. Andy, Sundance, and Rocky. These were part of his birthday gift back in October. 

And the room as it is now. Like the treadmill? Ha. It's for losing the baby weight, but of course I'm too tired to get on it. The rug needs a vacuum, everything needs dusting, but Hubs couldn't be happier.

I'll get to all of these to-dos as soon as I get the spit-up off my shirt. :)


Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Love this Ashley! Great rug.

Calypso In The Country said...

The basement looks great! I love the gallery wall!

Lesleyc said...

Love your blog, but I'm with your husband on this. My first thought was that it was an altar, especially with the lamps on, in lieu of candles and then the other bits and pieces. I personally hate to see something disguised, a table is a table, is a table. Funnily enough your email popped into my mailbox promptly followed by another blogger doing the same thing, I'm from the UK so maybe this is a trend that has yet to reach us, but I have just taken another look and I think your husband is spot on. I'm sorry!

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