Thursday, February 27, 2014

Eleven Weeks

Eleven weeks! Her first official road trip happened last weekend. We took her down to Blakely, GA to meet her great-grands, one of which being her namesake. Packing for a weekend with a baby is hilarious. I felt like I was taking her entire room with us. Hubs was like - do we really need all of this? Between the spit-ups and diaper mishaps, she went through all but 2 outfits I packed. 

Yes, we really did need it all, Hubs. 

We left Friday at an awkward time of day. It was around 3, and right between her times to eat. Of course we got stuck in Atlanta traffic for a while, which made me late feeding her, which made her pretty mad. She screamed most of the way out of town. We finally pulled over somewhere south of the city, and I was able to feed her and change her diaper, then it was lights out for a few hours. She did great in the car on the way home. She slept the entire ride, all but the first 30 minutes. I'm glad and hope she continues to be a good rider because I've got other trips ahead planned for us! 

I was worried how she would sleep in Blakely since she's slightly addicted to her swing. Surprised to say it, but she didn't mind the pack-n-play one little bit! I was so relieved. 

Meeting her great grandparents for the first time. I think they were smitten. 

Four generations of Houstons. Poor Hubs had a battle wound. He's better now. 

Evans with her namesake, Thelma Evans Houston. They both look content to me. 

With great granddaddy Chester. 

The trip was great and I'm so glad we made the time to take E down there. I have to say this, you really have to let loose of any "schedules" when on vacation with a baby. I went into the trip saying this to myself. If she naps she naps, if she misses one, no big deal. The thing is, these are moments you can't get back. Do you really want to waste time worrying about staying in rhythm? It's a short little blip in the child's life. Being a little "off" won't hurt, and making memories is a lot more important. At least to me it is. And boy, did we have some great moments. I know it meant the absolute world to Hubs for his first child to meet both of his grandparents. 

When we got home, it was bath time for this beansie. She loves her baths! I've kept up her bedtime routine as bath, pjs, feed her, rock, bed. The whole shebang takes about 45 minutes, and at the end of it she is more than ready to call it a day. 

So, I decided since she did so well in her pack-n-play that I'd test out her crib at night. She's been doing so well with her naps in the crib, I thought what's the difference? Tuesday night was her first night. She was slightly unsure of it at first, but then she was out. 

She woke up to eat of course, but she didn't mind the crib. I was shocked and a little sad. It's funny, I've wanted her to sleep in her own room since day one, and now that she is I miss her! 

I don't swaddle her at night because she's never really like it, and now she can roll to her side. It's kind of her preferred sleep position. 

Waking up the morning after her first night in the crib. Hi, Mom! 

I ordered a couple of cute hats from Etsy that we tried out this week. To die for, I think. 

I could eat her up. 

Telling Daddy secrets. 

Smiles for Daddy.

Other milestones this week- she's rolling to her side. She's also trying desperately to sit up on her own. Laying on her back, she picks up her head and shoulders off the floor. It looks like she is doing crunches, ha. She is so determined. Won't be long, little one! 

Eleven weeks with this girl, what a time we've had. 


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