Friday, January 24, 2014

Six Weeks

What a big week for E baby! Evans is now over 11 lbs and 22.25 inches long. Shes wearing mostly 3mo and 3-6mo clothes due to her length. She's an amazon baby, clearly her height didn't come from me! 

Six weeks had some pretty big milestones if you ask me. For one thing, she is SLEEPING long stretches... Well, longer anyways!! She now sleeps around 4-5 hours at a time and takes about 2 feedings during the night now. This mama is happy to be getting some zzzzzzs again! Granted, it's all done in her swing, but sleep is sleep at this point! 

E is also more alert now. She's bright eyed and smiling left and right. It freaking melts me every time! 

I caught a smiling session on camera the other day of her looking at her daddy. How sweet. She has also started cooing and baby jabbering. It's a welcome sound to the usual newborn cry :) 

Yes, I have dimples... Eat me up! 

She's also losing the hair on top of her head which cracks me up. We call it her Jack Nicholson look. Her hair is lightening up, too. I can't believe how dark it was at birth. 

She's also become the spit up monster, and her timing is unmatched. I don't know how she manages the small window where she's not wearing a bib, but whatever. She's still cute. 

As far as who she looks like... Let's just say I cloned. I cloned myself. Dolly the sheep has nothin' on me. It's freaky. I guess I shouldn't be too surprised considering I'm my mom's twin and she is a replica of my granddad Deedaw. But still. 

Also this week, my best friend and her daughter came in from SC to meet Evans. So much fun and great to catch up with an old friend. Old as in we've been besties since Clinton was in office (pre-Lewinsky), Limited Too clothes were it, and jelly shoes were cool. Oh, and the Spice Girls and Mmmmmmbop were chart toppers. 

And now we have kids of our own. Where does time go? Anyway, happy 6 weeks baby Evans! We love you. 


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