Thursday, January 30, 2014

Seven Weeks

Seven weeks... Also known as the week from Hell... well, part of it anyways. Let's start at the beginning.

Saturday, my parents came in town to stay for the week to help out with E and Blakely while Hubs was downtown all week at the poultry show convention. Hubs and I decided we were way overdue for some time out of the house together, so we took advantage and went to see a movie.

 Our first date since E was born! Which meant I had my first experience with pumping...

Pumping. Convenient? Not to me. It took foreveeeeeerrrrrr the first time just to get one stinking bottle. Who has that time? It also gave me a clogged duct. Ugh. This, however, would be the least of my troubles the coming days. The good news?  E took right to a bottle. My mom gave her the first one ever. 

Saturday night, I came down with what I can only describe as death. Some sort of stomach bug that forced me to see my insides for the next 48 hours. So here I am, sick as can be, exhausted with a newborn, and trying to nurse all the while so that E could receive the antibodies. Talk about stressful. I ended up having to supplement a few meals with formula because I was incredibly dehydrated and drained. On Monday, Hubs was feeling awful and went to the doctor. Wait for it.... The flu. Yes. Flu. I tested negative, but I had a stomach virus, Hubs had flu, and we had a newborn... thank God my parents were here. We would have been up a creek. Have you ever received a flu test? They have to go up your nose and stab your childhood memories. Parts of third grade are just gone. 

Tuesday, Hubs was starting to feel a little better and decided he needed to try to get to the convention for his work. Well, Winter Storm Leon happened. I'm sure you have read all the chaos that followed on the roads here in Atlanta. Unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable. It took Hubs TEN hours to drive 20 miles from our house to downtown. I felt so bad for him having been so ill and then sitting in all the traffic and stranded cars. What a nightmare. At least the snow was pretty! 

Also on Tuesday, E started throwing up and was acting so lethargic. I decided to take her to visit the pediatrician to be safe. She didn't have the flu, thankfully, but probably did get my stomach bug. Ugh. Of course, being the hypochondriac worrier that I am, my mind went into an awful downward spiral. Flu, baby, wintry roads, ATL shutdown... You see where it went. Fortunately, by Wednesday we were all doing much better. But let me tell you, I lost years off my life from worry between Saturday and then. Wow. 

Ok, let's talk about the positive now! Evans now weighs a beefy 11lbs 8oz. She's wearing 3-6mo and 6mo clothes. She's cooing and smiling and has discovered her tongue. She likes to poke it out and roll it side to side while grinning and jabbering. It's the cutest thing I've ever seen. 

I caught Hubs singing to her the other day. A lullabye? No. "Knock, knock, knockin' on Evans door... Hey, hey, hey yea yea....". Yes. This is my life. My daughter being soothed to the melodies of Axl and Slash rather than Twinkle, Twinkle. I'm not sure which way to feel about this, well, any way other than FANTASTIC. I shouldn't be surprised that the child we created likes 80s hair metal, especially with her name interjected. These two, after all, are her parents....

Her sleeping is getting better, which is awesome. This week she started sleeping in her swing without the swing moving. That's a big step in the right direction, hallelujah! I still can't wait for the full night's rest... But I'll take what I can. 

Happy 7 weeks, little one. It was a doozy, but we made it.


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