Saturday, December 7, 2013

Basement Bathroom

Oh, the basement bathroom. Maybe I will start with the positive. It's a full bath with working plumbing and electricity. Ok, I'm done. That's about all this room has going for it. It slightly resembles the scene of a murder. Ick. Not that I don't love pink wallpaper half missing, missing vanity, mismatch fixtures and 80's trim. 

The good news- it's in the process of changing.... Ala Hubs hard work. I'm still pregnant and big as a house, so my helping is merely directing from the couch... Do this, do that. ;) 

Brushed nickel fixture 

New vanity

Walls are going Behr Classic Silver (leftovers from our master bedroom)

A few hand towels via Target and West Elm

And some Pinterest inspiration

Via Design Sponge

Via Decor Pad

Still searching for the right rustic mirror.... To be continued....


Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Nice ideas. I love the light fixture. Hope that little one comes soon. Your last photo is so cute. You just look like you have a big beach ball under your top. I was big all over.

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