Monday, December 9, 2013

Weekend Finds

Over the weekend we made some decisions for the basement bathroom. A trip to Home Depot for more wallpaper remover led to some other great finds as well... Including a vanity light, towel bar, and paper holder. I tried to pick stuff that's "manly". Hubs didn't fight any of these picks, so I guess I succeeded? That, or he's afraid of me one. It really could be either at this point in pregnancy.... 

Martha lighting

Glacier Bay towel and paper holders 
The room is coming along. Of course, projects always throw us curve balls around here. The wallpaper removal is taking longer than anticipated (especially since Hubs is working alone). But, it'll come together eventually! I plan to do a bit of shopping and browsing today. Maybe I'll come across the perfect vanity mirror... Tbd. 

As a side note, I really appreciate all the calls and texts and numerous messages from everyone about the baby. I promise to update friends and family if anything, I mean anything!, happens. But for now no news is, well, no news. Baby girl is still growing and doing her thing, and I'm going to let her. :) She knows when she's ready, and I can't go off an arbitrary date circled on a calendar (even if I'd like to!). Trust me, no one is more ready than this mama!


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