Wednesday, November 27, 2013

39 Weeks

How far along? 39 weeks

Size of baby? Watermelon, or newborn baby 

How I'm changing? Well, three days ago I had to take off my rings. My fingers are now a little swollen, and I didn't want to risk them being cut off due to my stupidity (the rings or the fingers). I hope the swelling goes back down because I feel naked without my wedding rings!! My feet, face, arms and legs haven't taken on the big swell.... yet. Also this week, linea nigra showed up, although very faint! 39 weeks- tardy much? I'm officially part of the weird pregnancy tattoo club.

Induction? Like any first time mom, I've been reading a gazillion labor stories lately. It's all I think about these days. Such a weird thing to live with knowing at any second labor could start. The stories often include all these old wives tales on how to make yourself go into labor- walking, pineapple, castor oil, vinegar, spicy foods... The list is a mile long. There are even reports that a full moon and a drop in barometric pressure can send a woman into labor. Well, we missed the full moon. There's a drop in pressure now, and she is still put. Must be like mama- hates cold weather! I haven't tried anything (and won't) but the walking, which I've been doing since April. I figure she will come when she is ready... Even if I'm ready way sooner.

Best moment of the week? Christmas decor is out and my parents are heading to town soon! 

Thanksgiving plans? We decided to stay put this year rather than go to Savannah. We are hosting my parents tomorrow, so today I've got a few dishes to throw together ahead of time and a table to set. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. We all have so much to be thankful for.

Hubs isn't shaving until baby girl arrives... I'm tempted to get out the razor while he's sleeping. :)

39 weeks, what a long road it's been. 


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