Monday, November 25, 2013

Ready for Christmas Turkey

This weekend I got a few more things accomplished during this whole "baby is coming any day now" limbo I'm in. I normally don't do Christmas before turkey, but this year I made an exception. I wanted to at least get a tree up and stockings hung before this baby decides to arrive! So, for the first time in Houston House history, Christmas came early. 

I also finished painting and recovering the dining chairs so we have a place to sit for Thanksgiving and Christmas. So glad to have this project behind me- painting chairs is a chore. Excuse the mess of a mess table- this is real life. 

Turkey won't be completely skipped this year, however. Hubs and I finalized the meal plans over the weekend and went grocery shopping. Normally we head to Savannah to be with my crazy large 70+ people family, but this year at 39 weeks pregnant we decided we'd hang around ATL. My parents are coming to join us though! 

Hubs is going to make his famous Cajun turkey; it's so delicious I wish I could send you a piece or two via cyber space. My mom is bringing sweet potato casserole, and I'm throwing together a few side dishes. I'm making Pioneer Woman's mac & cheese- the only recipe I use anymore because it's fail proof awesome. We're also having corn bread, green beans, and I am attempting Garden & Gun's bourbon pecan pie. Love the holidays, and it's a great time to be pregnant. Nom, nom, nom....

Turkey and the tree will just have to co-exist this year. Anyone else having Christmas Turkey? 


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