Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Ok, you're going to have to deal with a certain amount of sap today. We'll chalk it up to hormones, like I do everything else right now.

Being pregnant is at times pretty darn hard. I'm sure even those with the easiest of pregnancies will admit that there were points they were uncomfortable. If they don't admit that to you, you have my permission to pull their hair. I've had my share of "fun" over the past several months, but let me just say I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Everyone has their own stories of "trying" to get pregnant. It's such a sensitive subject matter. I know everyone has different experiences on the path to baby, and Hubs and I are no exception. I won't get into details because I know there are some that try for months and years and everyone has different struggles. In hindsight, we didn't "try" for long, but tell that to me back then. :) In fact, the month we "didn't" try due to a planned trip and last hoorah to New Orleans was the month it actually happened. God has a sense of humor, too. It was a good reminder that I wasn't in control. 

It's funny to look back on all the years before any thoughts of baby entered our relationship. I am so thankful for Hubs. I really can't imagine anyone more perfect for me in every way. 

Over the last 7 years, he's seen me graduate, twice. 

We've cheered on the Braves, multiple times.

Gone to several weddings, acted a fool at most. 

Sported rival teams, daily. 

Experienced many firsts together


first time cooking his grandma's recipes


Peachtree Rd Race

snow day in Brookhaven

snow day in Brookhaven
closing on our house
bringing home Blakely pup

Now we have a whole new series of firsts heading our way. I am so grateful I get to go through it all with this guy. I look forward to seeing him as a Daddy. He is a prized possession to our pup Blakely, aka "the world's most beautiful brown dog", who follows him around like a shadow. He refills my water glasses and makes me pimento cheese sandwiches. He calls his grandparents every week just to check in. He loves his mom and greatly respects his dad. Not a day goes by he'd turn down an Andy Griffith marathon. He's a southern boy at heart, no matter how hard Atlanta tries to change that.

Does he frustrate me? Sure. Does he leave the seat up? More often than not. Is he hard headed? Absolutely. 

Will he be the best father to our baby girl? Without a doubt. 

Pregnancy in many ways is a lot like our relationship. There are moments of sickness, moments of exhaustion, moments of fear, times of great joy, and many opportunities for patience. At the end of the day, both are so worth the trials along the way. I guess all of this is to say I'm incredibly thankful I get to experience this pregnancy and our marriage. It's a wonderful world, y'all.


Julie said...

ok, you had me laughing and crying both within the time it took me to read this. Thank you for loving my son and appreciating him for all his special quirks! You are his perfect match and WE'RE so thankful he found YOU! We love you.

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