Wednesday, October 23, 2013

34 Weeks

How far along? 34 weeks

Size of baby? She is about the weight of a honeydew now, around 5.5 lbs! At the grocery store yesterday, Hubs picked up a honeydew to see what the weight was like. I think he's glad he's not carrying this baby. :)

How I'm changing? I think she must have gone through another big growth spurt, because between last week and this week the belly has really gotten LARGE. My back hurts constantly now (I am leaning on a heating pad as I type this). Hubs has been nice enough to rub my back here and there and he's started taking on more responsibility around the house for me. Yesterday I was switching out a load of towels and clothes from the washer to dryer and it about killed me. My back felt like it was on fire! It's a little frustrating not being able to do normal tasks like this, but I've got to start listening to my body. I'm so thankful to be working from home a few days a week now. Sitting in a car is crazy uncomfortable.

working from home in clothes that actually fit- Hubs' sweat pants and t-shirt. 

Movement? Her kicks are so powerful now, and they catch me off guard. They used to be sweet little thumps here and there, now they are more like BAM BAM BAM out of nowhere.

Nesting? The nursery is pretty much DONE. I know I've been saying that, but it really is. I'll post a final reveal soon as I get a chance! I washed her sheets and bumper and put them on the crib. I added diapers/wipes/etc to her diaper drawer and washed more of her clothes. I even started packing my hospital bag this week. I figured being 3 weeks out from "full term" I should probably get ready.

Off the to-do list? We had our hospital tour last week. Now that made us feel excited and it was also a wake up call. We're really having a baby. Wow. We loved the hospital and know we'll be in the best of hands there. It put me at ease and even more ready to meet this baby! We also met with our chosen pediatrician. He's just around the corner from our house (like within a mile, score!) and is extremely nice and so knowledgeable. He gives his patients his personal cell phone number for after hours calls. Totally awesome news, especially for a first time mom who will be calling at every stuffy nose or hint of a cough... ha!

Best moment of the week? My small group girls threw a shower for me on Saturday! It was so great to see all of my Atlanta friends and celebrate this little girl. I'll post pics as soon as I get them! Our friends really spoiled Evans and we got so many great things to help us prepare for her arrival. My parents surprised us with the car seat and stroller..... now we can actually bring her home!

Weeks left? 6!

Birthday guesses? The due date is December 5th. Just for fun, we've been guessing when this girl will arrive. I say December 1st. Hubs says December 7th. Family says December 3rd. We all joke she'll come right smack in the middle of the Carolina Clemson game on November 30th so that none of us can watch it. :)


Sweet Caroline said...

Yay!! Almost there! My back KILLED me too in the end, no fun at all:-(

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