Friday, October 25, 2013

Small Group Shower

Last Saturday, my small group friends threw Evans a shower! 

Everything was so adorable. They had childrens books set up coordinating with all the food items. How cute! And, I got to take the books home. I love to read, and hope that Evans will, too. I look forward to our story times together. 

Blueberries for Sal with blueberry muffins, Fruit with the fruit tray....

Chicken Little with chicken salad, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie with strawberry and chocolate chip cookies...

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs with spinach meatballs, Elmo's Pat-a-cake with petit fours, and Night of the Veggie Monster with a veggie tray. 

The Very Hungry Caterpillar with the sour worms, aka "book worms"...

Pinkalicious with the pink lemonade punch... 

One fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish with Swedish fish gift bags...

Present time! My friends spoiled Evans and helped us out so much in preparing for her arrival. 

My mom gave me a few mementos from my own childhood... like this baby book. Sweet, right? Well, she gave it to me, and then said "Yea, I never filled it out, so maybe you will do better!" HA! We all died laughing. 

A really cute hula girl outfit... seriously are girl's clothes not the best?

Bath toys!

With our small group, love these people! 

With the hostesses 

We were trying to recreate this one from when Bess was pregnant last Christmas, ha

Thank you girls sooooo much! 
Bess and Tyler both have baby boys (8 months and 4 months), and Ann is expecting in late March. Can you even imagine the cute play dates in our future? AHHH! So fun to go through parenthood with good friends.

My parents surprised us with the car seat and stroller, too! What a great weekend. Of course, I had to put them together as soon as they arrived at the door. Now we can officially go on rides and walks with Evans. So exciting!

After trying out several strollers at the store and reading reviews on Lucie's List, we decided on the Chicco Cortina system. I like that it has a zillion storage areas and cup holders. Plus, I know me. A jogging stroller would never be jogged with, just being honest with myself. I don't jog. ;)

Our house is quickly becoming overrun with baby stuff, and I love it! Hubs said last night "You know we'll be parents in like a month and a half, right?" As I winced to get up off the couch, I told him that yes, I was aware. CANNOT WAIT!


Heidi @ Parties for Pennies said...

This is precious Ashley! They did such a great job...and you are just the cutest pregnant girl ever!! <3 Heidi

nick middleton said...

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