Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Gallery Wall Finished

Baby Evans' gallery wall is finished! I had just a couple more things to add to round it out. In the very beginning, I only had plans for the two princess laundry day 9x12 pictures. It's funny how things just kept growing. I couldn't stop until it really looked "done" to me. Design is a process, right???

These pictures are a little washed out because the sun was shining bright.... a photographer I am not. 

New additions include a picture of Hubs and Blakely on a morning stroll...

And a ferris wheel by The Gingham Owl Etsy shop...

And letters from RH Baby & Child. I wasn't planning to do any letters in the nursery for fear it'd be too babyish, but I found these letters on clearance for $3.99 a letter! Regular price was $12. Score. They were out of the "V" in white, so I went with pink. I like the mix match, even if it wasn't really on purpose. 

Now her cozy little reading nook is ready. And she has her very own gallery wall. I mean, how many infants can say that? If she's like her mom, she'll appreciate a good wall o' pics. Ha. 

Only a couple of things to do in this room still. I've started the process of washing her clothes and blankets and organizing her closet and drawers. Hubs is planning to install the video monitor soonish. Nesting in full effect around here. 9 more weeks! Thanking God everyday for this little miracle. 

We love you already, Little Evans. 


Life is Sweet : The McClain Family said...

I love the mix and match letters too! Oh and the gallery wall? Fabulous. Well done!

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