Friday, September 27, 2013

30 Weeks

How far along? 30 weeks! I don't know why, but being in the 3's makes me excited. It feels so close to the end!

Size of baby? The size of a large butternut squash, around 3.5 pounds

How I'm changing? I had a doctor visit this morning, and I've gained 22 pounds. I'm thinking most of that went to my hips and thighs... ha! Really starting to feel tired all the time, but I'm coping with the constant grogginess. I can't complain honestly because I haven't suffered any of the usual suspects of pregnancy thus far (no heartburn/stretch marks/linea nigra/ constipation/ etc... thank goodness). 

Nursery updates? The nursery is just about complete, aside from a few minor things like washing clothes, installing baby monitor, and putting crib sheets on the mattress. 

Movements? She is moving constantly now, and it is always reassuring. Although, her kicks are so strong it takes my breath away, seriously. Especially when she kicks certain areas (aka certain organs and reproductive matter... just sayin'). I also feel her absolutely squishing my bladder these days. I guess she is so big now that I feel the weight of her and it's terribly uncomfortable. Small prices to pay. 

Labor Fears? Not really. I keep reading that this is the time when anxiety starts to creep in and first time moms start worrying about labor and delivery. I haven't started worrying or been afraid yet, and hopefully I can stay relaxed to the end. I have been thinking more about what it's going to be like, and trying to imagine holding baby girl for the first time. It all seems so surreal.

Best Moment of the Week? Well, hands down my first baby shower last weekend! But, I also received a sweet invitation to my shower in Atlanta that's being hosted by my small group girls. So exciting!

We can't wait to meet our little girl. I keep wondering not only what she will look like, but what she will be like. What's her personality going to be? What will she like? It's baffling to me to think there is a brand new person coming that hasn't experienced one thing yet. 

Will she have attitude like her mama? 

Or be all smiles like daddy? 

We don't know, but she will certainly be loved by both. 


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