Friday, October 4, 2013

31 weeks

How far along? 31 weeks, yowza

Size of baby? about 4 lbs, anywhere from 16-18 inches long

How I'm changing? I am not going to lie, pregnancy is officially very uncomfortable. Sciatica is totally kicking my butt almost to the point of tears on some days. Baby girl must be very comfy snuggled right on top of my nerve! It makes me walk like a peg leg pirate, which in some respects is pretty cool. Who doesn't love a pirate? Driving is funny now. I have to sport a Chamillionaire-ridin'-dirty recline in the driver's seat, otherwise I have feet poking me right in the ribs. It's getting more interesting trying to reach the peddles the further I move my seat back to make room for the belly. Being short is fun, I promise! :)  And lastly, I'm officially a mouth breather. My lungs feel like they are crushed, and my nose is all stopped up. It's safe to say I'm counting the days to delivery at this point. Oy! 

Contractions? At every doctor appointment now, they ask if I'm feeling contractions. I had my very first spell of them yesterday at work. My stomach was hard as a rock, but not painful. It was mostly uncomfortable. This lasted for several minutes off and on. I texted my friend Melissa (who is due the week before me) to see if that's what her Braxton Hicks feels like (she's been having them with baby #2 since 20 weeks), and she confirmed it. So, I guess I had my first experience with these "practice" contractions. Crazy!

Nursery updates? I finished her gallery wall this week! Hopefully Hubs will install the monitor this weekend. 

Nesting? I washed all of her clothes up to 9 mos size. It's all stored away and organized in her drawers and closet. Is there anything cuter than baby clothes? I'm glad I went ahead and did this, because it took me all day Sunday and most of Monday night to get through the many, many loads of laundry. Wow.

Cravings? Cereal is my meal of choice right now. 3 times this week for breakfast AND dinner to be exact. 

Best moment of the week? I ordered The Little Mermaid set since it's out of the Disney vault now, and it arrived on Wednesday. Note to anyone with a 3D tv, Ursula in 3D is quite alarming...

And second, my office threw me a baby shower yesterday- a SURPRISE I should add. I thought I was walking into a client meeting yesterday, hence the large notebook. When I opened the door, my team was in there clapping. I was shocked beyond words, and my face totally showed it. They all pitched in and got me a gift card to Babies R Us. 

Plus, there were cupcakes and balloons. 

Everyone wrote parenting advice on cards for me to keep. Some of my favorites:

"Don't let her go to law school. Skip the liberal arts degree altogether, and encourage her to go math and science". 

"Make her as nice as you are."

"When you are having a hard day, look at your baby and remember there was a time in your life you were trying not to poop your pants". 

"Have your husband go with you to pick her up from daycare sometimes. She'll be so used to seeing only one parent that when the two of you arrive, it'll be the best day ever."

"Love your family unconditionally, and pray together often."

"Don't let her like any team that's orange. That's the devil's color!" 

"To Baby Houston: be just like your mom!!"

They are the best!

9 weeks until my due date!


Julia | Pawleys Island Posh said...

her room is looking so good and I adore the name Evans!

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