Monday, September 23, 2013

E's Shower

I had my first shower over the weekend and had the best time! My mom's best friend Bonnie, and my best friends Ashley and Melissa hosted the shower for me and baby Evans. I am so grateful and overwhelmed with all the love we were shown, and I cannot wait for baby girl to meet all of these important people in my life. I consider myself so blessed to have such a great network of family and friends. Thank you to everyone who came, sent well wishes, and of course for all of the goodies baby girl was showered with! The day we get to meet her is quickly approaching. 

And now for the picture overload. Mom and me heading out to the shower. 

The food table, there were duckies everywhere :) The food Ash and Mel made was so delicious. This is one part of pregnancy I will definitely miss- not worrying about sucking in. 

Baby clothes here and there and everywhere!

Bonnie's porch

Wreath Bonnie made that we will hang on our door when Miss Evans arrives :)

My dream house. I always tell Bonnie I'm just going to move in with her. She'd never notice me.

The water bottles said "Ashley's Baby Shower" and "Evans's Shower"



Welcome Baby Evans

Meredith due in October, me in December, Melissa in November. Lots of new sweet babies! 

First ones in line... Meredith had a couples baby shower that same night. We had a very busy Saturday!

The mustache/lips game. Melissa had questions on Hubs and I relating to our childhood and everyone guessed who was who. It was too cute and I learned a few things I didn't know about Hubs. For instance, he hates clowns and called his blanket a mitmit. 

My sis-in-law Lauren gave us some really cute monogrammed items, including a bib that says "I heart Blakely". This was probably Hubs' favorite gift. So cute!

My Savannah aunts went in together to get us the baby monitor!

I got a library of children's books from Vera

Heirlooms from Sonya and Aunt Ann, this is her doll trunk.

And gorgeous christening gown

With the grandmas, D and Gigi

And with the great-grandma, too, Boofie

With my wonderful hostesses with the mostesses

Once I got back to Atlanta, I unpacked and tried to organize everything. It is so fun to see it all in her room.

Blanket made with love by Boofie

E's library of books

And her many, many clothes

I have a lot of washing to do in my near future. 
Such a great weekend!


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