Friday, August 16, 2013

Crib Skirt

This week I got around to making the crib skirt. I decided to use leftovers of the Waverly Cross Section in Honeydew I purchased for pillows. I ended up only making one 20x20 pillow with the fabric, so I had roughly 2 or 3 yards left, plenty for a skirt. 

I decided to do a simple box pleat at the front for a tailored look. Originally I thought about doing something ruffly and uber girly, but once things fell into place the room wasn't really going that direction to me. 

It's exciting to see the crib coming together. It's really the only official "baby" item in the room, so seeing it makes things a bit more "real"... as if my growing bump and back pain didn't do that already. I love the way the small geometric works with the large geometric in my Candice rug. These colors make me happy!

Speaking of making me happy, this place does that, too. It just so happens to be around the corner from me, and directly on my way home from work every single day. I decided to stop in yesterday to get my happy on.

And found this. The Atoll mirror. All mirrors are 60% off right now. Stop it. 

I also spotted this, but it's too small and what I thought was a little too pricey for a giclee. Definitely good inspiration for baby girl's art over her crib though. I need to get busy painting soon! 

I ended up coming out with neither, but I am still thinking fondly of the mirror. Hmmmmmm...TBD. If I decide to go back and it's still there, it's meant to be. If not, I will kick myself for weeks like all the other good bargains I pass on. 
Such is life right?

In any event, it's FRIDAY! Happy, happy, happy, happy.


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