Thursday, August 15, 2013

24 Weeks

How far along? 24 weeks

Size of baby? She's the length of a delicious foot-long sub that I can't eat unless it's heated up (woof). I expect Jimmy John's in the delivery room, just if anyone is wondering. She's weighing around 1.5 pounds now, or the size of the biggest and juiciest hamburger you ever did see. This had led my friend Andrea to nickname her "Fudrucker" or "Fud" for short.

How I'm changing? I have officially gained 16 pounds. I think the stomach happened over night. I was gradually getting bigger, but I tell you what this last week has been a crazy explosion. I still have my belly button intact, however. I've already outgrown a pair of maternity pants (who knew, I'm NOT the same size as I was pre-preg). No one warns you about second-butt. I've developed it. It's that area formerly known as the space between your lower back and your buttocks, wherein your second-butt makes a home on top of your original booty. This is a real thing, although doctors call it secondary gluteus maximus syndrome (SGMS). I'm rocking some mad SGMS.

Activity level? I'm still getting walking in, but it's becoming difficult. I'm winded so easily, it's insane! After a neighborhood stroll, I immediately park myself on our front steps for a break. I'm only 24 weeks, what a wuss! 


What I'm eating/not eating? I still love black beans. I eat them like there's a shortage and beans will not be available ever again.

Movement? ALL THE TIME. This girl is very active, it's actually rare not to feel her. I'm wondering how much resting she actually does, because I feel her squirming and kicking most of the day now. Hubs fidgets A LOT and can't ever sit still for two seconds, so maybe she gets it from him. 

Best moment of the week? Getting a good report at my 24 week check up this morning. Baby girl is measuring on track, her heart sounds great, and my blood pressure is completely normal. Yay! I'd be lying though if I didn't say another great moment was receiving baby girl's rug for her room. That was a pretty big highlight this week as well.

I even finished making her crib skirt.

 It's been a good week all around. 24 weeks, over half way there, and I cannot wait! Come on December. 


Katharine @ SouthernBourbonMountains said...

I'm reading all your maternity posts and I can't stop eating black beans either! Too funny!!!!!!!!!!!

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