Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Anthropologie Hardware

What a gross and nasty day here in Atlanta. Eww. I miss the sun already. I know the rain is necessary and yada yada, but if I can't curl up in bed all day with a book or one of those really bad Lifetime movies, I'd rather the sun be shining, ya know?

Anyways, here's some brighter news. The Anthropologie hardware I ordered was delivered yesterday! We have Anthro at the malls here in Atlanta, duh, but I'm lazy and thought I'd just order it to be delivered to me. Ha. The shipping was $5, so I'm sure the gas it would have taken me to get to Lenox is about the same.

And of course I couldn't wait to put it on.... pictures from last night via my phone. These snaps don't really do it justice.  Anthropologie, as always, did NOT disappoint! These knobs are just the shade of green I was hoping for. The reviews online were right, it's sort of a minty seafoam green.

I think it coordinates nicely with my existing fabrics. Yay!

With a little bit of sparkle, I love this pop of color on the white dresser.
I really can't wait to do some styling now!
Thanks, Anthro, for saving the day and updating this dresser for me.

My to do is getting shorter! :)

small table
crib skirt
hang mobile
hang sconces
art work
.... finish baking the baby


Linda {Calling it Home} said...

Love Anthro, this looks great. Gas probably would have cost you more...and your time is worth more, for sure.

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