Thursday, August 8, 2013

23 Weeks

How far along? 23 weeks

Size of baby? she's a large papaya this week, 11-12 inches long, and over a pound

How I'm changing? I feel like so far, second trimester has been somewhat uneventful. I've gotten bigger each week, which is expected, but nothing crazy has happened outside of that. Somewhere between last week and this week, things are changing. For one, I officially cannot see my feet.

This makes ordinary tasks like putting on my shoes, shaving my legs, and putting on pants an obstacle. It's also making me waddle rather than walk, which has been pointed out to me by several co-workers. Thanks y'all. This week has also marked the beginning of some serious back pain. Already. That scares me. I've had some achiness, but now it just throbs often. Sitting through my long commute to work is at times excruciating for me. It's also making me toss and turn at night to try and get comfortable. I finally broke down and bought the Snoogle pregnancy body pillow, which should arrive today. I'm praying it helps me find some relief to the back troubles and to my insomnia. At the risk of this sounding extremely whiney, pregnancy is becoming more of a challenge every day. A challenge I'd go through again, and again, and again if it's God's will.

Emotional much? I wouldn't say I'm an emotional person. The emotion I feel most often is probably impatience, just ask my husband. That's definitely been heightened by this pregnancy, oops. Lately though, I've felt something else entirely. Isolated. I know everyone tells you about the baby blues after you deliver, etc, but I haven't really heard anyone talk about feeling somewhat down while you are actually pregnant. Maybe no one feels that way, but I'm just being honest. There are times when I just feel extremely isolated, like I'm doing this all by myself. My husband is totally supportive and helpful and understanding, and so are my family and friends. But, let's face it, mama is the only one that can grow the baby and feel the aches and pains along the way. That can sometimes make me feel somewhat alone for whatever reason. Even so, I can't express how grateful I am for this little miracle and can't wait to meet her. There are just times when I feel like December may not ever get here (see- impatient).

What I'm eating/not eating? This girl still loves black beans and all things Mexican. I cannot eat enough taco salads in a week.

Movement? All the time, and I love it! It's always reassuring to know she's doing well and saying hello. And with the somewhat baby blues I've experienced lately, when she kicks it's like she's saying "Hey Mom, we're in this together". That might sound partially silly, but it makes me feel 100% better.

Best moment of the week? Hubs returning home yesterday from a business trip. He travels a lot with his job, so it's always a highlight of the week when he comes back, in one piece, ready to hog the covers and leave the seat up. I'll take it. It's weird. I never minded being by myself a few days before I was pregnant. At times I enjoyed being able to watch what I want, eat what I want, and not worry about anyone. Ha. You girls know what I mean. Sometimes it's nice to come home, throw on your pjs, and watch Real Housewives with a bowl of cereal and not feel the least bit guilty. Now, however, I really want Hubs home. I hate being by myself. I'll chalk this one up to hormones, too.

23 weeks has brought some big changes, and in my true impatient-self fashion, I have to say... COME ON DECEMBER! :)


Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Look how big your baby bump is getting. So cute.

Nancy said...

i think its completely normal to feel a little bit blue during pregnancy. your hormones are constantly shifting. just be good to yourself. and above all just be honest and open with your hubby or your mom or somebody (like you did in your post)...that is key and so helpful. sometimes you just have to acknowledge your feelings, good and bad. we all go through it but not everybody will admit to it. trust me, we've all been there. you look terrific and december will roll around before you know it. enjoy your sleep now. :)

(mom of 3 boys)

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