Monday, August 12, 2013

Braves Game

On Saturday, we headed out to Turner Field with friends to see the Bravos. It was baby girl's third trip, even though she doesn't know it. I have dubbed this striped dress my "Braves uniform" because it's the most comfortable dress I have and the colors work. Although, now at 6 months pregnant, I'm starting to fill it out a lot. Ha!

Upon entering the stadium, the security guard asked me to step to the side to enter rather than moving through the turn style gates. I think he was trying to be helpful and courteous, but it made me laugh. What, because I'll get stuck in the gate? Ha. He did tell me congratulations, though.

The Ted now has a Waffle House, and it was tempting to get something smothered-n-covered.. Instead we just got this picture.

It was HOT. Good grief, was I ever thankful we had seats in the shade. By the time the game started, the weather cooled off considerably and there was even a light rain mist. I thought it felt awesome at that point. Around the 2nd inning the sky opened up and we were in a full on rain delay. Luckily we were close to the covered area and ran for it.

I hate to admit that I am probably the reason the Braves broke their 14 game winning streak. I am sports kryptonite I tell you. I've been a Gamecock fan my entire life. I moved from Columbia, SC to Atlanta back in 2007, just in time for the football team to really turn things around, and the baseball team to bring home two national championships. I'm afraid to ever move back. Sports. Kryptonite.

Despite the rain and the loss, we still had a great time. Our friends' 5 year old daughter, Manning, even made it on the big screen! I had my phone ready to video it. She was so cute waving and saying "Go Braves". It was her first game, and she's already banked jumbotron time. I'm impressed.

Of course, Atlanta won yesterday 9-4; I was not in attendance. Kryptonite.
Hope everyone had a great weekend. Monday better not give us too much grief.


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