Sunday, July 28, 2013

Reading & Toy Bench

More things getting crossed off my nursery to-do list! I guess it is safe to say that I'm in nesting mode now. I'm so excited to see our little girl's room come together. I imagine it will be covered in crayon marks, chocolate stains, and juice box spills before we realize the time even passed, but it still thrills me to put it all together for her. 

I ordered a bench from... yes, Amazon... and it came last weekend. It's a simple white bench with three cubbies. Hubby went out of town this past weekend, so I got to work putting this bad boy together. Power tools, what! It took me about an hour to get it put together correctly. The directions were pretty good, but it came with a bajillion pieces of hardware. I found myself staring at each piece trying to unlock the magic code. 

 I used Pottery Barn baskets to fill the cubbies. But, it wasn't quite done yet. I really wanted the top to be upholstered. I had fabric leftover from the bean bag I had made (which should be coming in this week!) and thought I'd try Pinterest to see if the smart people on the web knew how to make a no-sew cushion. Oh, they do. There's only 10,000 posts on the subject. I didn't rummage through all 10,000, but I found one that sounded great. The words "hot glue gun" appeared on the items needed, and I knew we were made for each other. All I did was cut a piece of 2" foam to the right size, wrapped it like a Christmas package with batting, then wrapped that with my fabric.... using hot glue. Uh huh. 

A monkey could do it, really. A monkey.

It's not a professional job. If you flip the cushion over, you would see the rough edges and gift wrap resemblance. But who cares?

I think it makes the wood bench feel much cozier.

My three fabrics at play- Waverly Cross Section in Honeydew, Waverly Pebble in Caribe, and Richloom Isis in Seaglass. I tried to pick fabrics that could be used at any stage and weren't necessarily childish. Hopefully everything can be used in a big girl room, too. You know, until she tells me her favorite colors are pink and purple and demands it to be so.

Close up of the cushion. I'm in love with the Waverly Pebble fabric... can't wait to see the bean bag!!

The baskets and white pillow are from Pottery Barn (Savannah Utility Baskets and Jute Braid Linen Pillow in Ivory).  I look forward to filling those baskets with books and toys for the little sweetie. I picture many story times had in this little spot in the future. Will she like Disney, Winnie the Pooh, Dr. Seuss, Sesame Street? Will she love the classics like Goodnight Moon, Very Hungry Caterpillar, Brown Bear Brown Bear? 

Will she want to spend more time with blocks and Legos? 

Will she be a true dress-up diva and just want to pose for mommy's camera on her bench?

To say that I can't wait to find out is a complete understatement. 


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