Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Nursery Happenings

I had one very productive weekend. I got into clean up mode and couldn't be stopped before the nursery closet was cleared out, gifts and outfits were organized, baseboards wiped down, and the room was dusted and vacuumed. I also made one heck of a Goodwill pile!

After my cleaning frenzy, I made plans to start on my to-do decorating list. I ran out to Hobby Lobby in search of an off-white or white curtain rod for the room. I didn't really want to give RH Baby & Child the 100 bucks they want for theirs.  So, I happily spent the 100 on gas driving around town (ha).  I didn't find anything at HL, but they do have all of their Christmas on display. CHRISTMAS! Woah. Then I ran to HomeGoods, where I didn't come out with a curtain rod, but I did find a cute basket clothes hamper.  My search continued on to Michaels, Bed Bath, Steinmart, Marshalls, and Target. Didn't see a thing. I got home and decided I would search on trusty Amazon. Found it! And only $11.99 at that. With free shipping. Oh, and ps, I ordered this on Saturday, it was delivered YESTERDAY. Even my husband was shocked. Now that is fast!

I also got to work on pillows and finished two.....and my dragonfly mobile came in from Baby Jives last week. I am so glad I decided to splurge on this!

Yesterday, I got a call that my glider and ottoman set were on the way to be delivered. Hubs let me know around 2:30 that they were in the nursery and looked good. I thought he might send me a picture, knowing how excited I was about the chair.  He didn't, so I asked. The whole time I was dying from suspense.

I waited.

and waited.

And waited....

Dying a little more each minute.....

Almost an hour later, I get an email from Hubs with the following pictures attached.
Glider still wrapped up.

And ottoman still in its box.

I just couldn't help but laugh. Is this not the typical male thing to do? Men. I guess in his mind I wanted the picture as proof that the two items had arrived... not that I wanted to see what they actually looked like. I was expecting more along these lines....

I love the chair. It's so comfy, and best of all it was so affordable and came within ONE WEEK of ordering it. Free shipping here, too. Thank you, Amazon Prime!


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