Wednesday, July 17, 2013

20 Weeks


How far along? 20 weeks, half way homies!

Size of baby? the length of a banana, about 10.5 inches head to heel, and weighing in at 10 cute little ounces

How I'm changing? It's safe to say I'm bumpin'. I no longer look I've had too many beers, eaten too many hamburgers, or ordered too many late night pizzas. In other words, instead of resembling a Carolina freshman, it's no mistake what life role I'm currently playing: Bearer of Child. No, Mom, I was certainly not drinking beer or ordering late night pizzas as a freshman at USC. (A note I need to jot to myself as I think through this: Go into this parenting thing full on Rapunzel style. Let baby girl out of tower in roughly 21 years.) I've also noticed everything is getting more, uh, we'll call it substantial. Everything. Arms, legs, calves, hips, ear lobes, you name it... everything is.... more substantial now. We'll leave it at that.

Stretch marks? Not yet. And I'm not even pretending to try to use lotion everyday to prevent it. I absolutely hate the way cocoa butter smells. I've used it a handful of times and can't take the coconut vanilla bean musk I give off all day long... so now I'm just wingin' it. If I get them, I get them.

Maternity clothes? The only stuff I have bought now are one dress, one pair of work pants, a pair of leggings (which I'm convinced are made of angel kisses straight from heaven), and a pair of shorts. I'm still trying to stretch all of my flowy dresses as long as possible.

Activity level? The rain has finally cleared in Atlanta, hopefully we get more sunny days now! But with that has brought on the heat wave. Good grief. My walk last night with Blakely was cut short, and ammended to only shaded streets rather than entire 'hood.

What I'm eating/not eating? Everything but seafood.

How I'm sleeping? Great, and the weird dreams keep on comin'. So far, I've given birth to a chocolate lab puppy, a gray haired aging chocolate lab, a teenager, a dragon, a baby vampire, and (I almost hesitate to admit this) Neil Diamond. I AM WOMAN. SEE ME DELIVER CRAZY CRAP (and Neil Diamond). RROOOOOARRRR. Maybe that's what Neil meant by traveling salvation show.

Best moment of the week? Well, I was pretty excited about the glider being delivered. I like to sneak into the nursery and just sit in it and relax. But, I've also been feeling more and more movement which is wild! Yesterday, baby girl kicked me from 10-2 nonstop and it was so much so that it actually tickled. I kept jumping at my desk.

Quotable Hubs: As I was putting together dinner the other night, his eyes grew huge and he pointed at my ever growing belly. "Wow. That's solid." He said it in a matter-of-fact tone as if he were saying 'there's the mail', or 'hey, it's Monday'.


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