Wednesday, July 10, 2013

An Awkward (for Hubs) Pregnancy Moment

Often times, Hubs and I find ourselves standing in the kitchen, in a complete stare down waiting for the other to flinch and decide what's for dinner. I almost always win this game of chicken. Women are strong like that, you know. Let's face it, we aren't a household that plans out meals every week and sticks by it. We go grocery shopping on Sunday for the main staples, but we are no strangers to making trips throughout the week for a last minute dinner idea. I'm just not home enough to cook every night, and Hubs works all day, too and doesn't particularly want to cook unless it's grilling.. so there you have it. If the menu is our biggest marriage problem, I really can't complain.

A couple nights ago, we found ourselves in the usual hungry-not-a-clue-what-to-make show. Midway through our back and forth "I don't care, what do you feel like?" questioning, I got distracted.

"Woah, look at that. Something is happening with my belly button. Do you see that? Look!" I proudly poke out my life-carrying gut, and the remnants of what used to be my normal belly button.

     "Oh, uh yea. I see." He's a little hesitant.

"But, really, do you see that? Look!" I have to make sure he acknowledges this change. I move myself and my protruding stomach closer.

     "I see it, Ashley." He backs up. Is he holding his breath?

"Isn't that weird? Look, touch that! That is weird!" Three steps closer.

     "No, I really don't want to." I realize he's all but molded himself into the wall behind him.

"Touch it, it's so weird." What's the big deal?

     "I really do not want to." He's sweating.

"That's so odd!" I am halfway ignoring his nervous tone and shaking. He could be having an anxiety attack, but I'm too interested in my newly formed outie.

     "Stop it....." He's panicked now.... "Ok, I'll make dinner."

Then I snap out of it. "Dinner?"


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