Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Blakely's Weight (& Mine)

Around a month ago, Blakely had her vet check-up and big girl was told she needed to drop some lbs. Like 11 of them. HA. She went back in after that, and weighed 108 (even more than previously), so we had to dramatically cut back her food and switch her to a different brand altogether. We also had to exercise her more than the two walks and random camp days she was getting already. Who knew big dogs needed SO MUCH running around time? Ha. Like my dad said, these dogs are made for hunting hours on end every day. They really do need to burn a ton of calories to stay in good health... and ward off all those evil hip problems labs can get later in life. Well, we love our girl and so cut back her diet and exercise her more we did.

She went back to the vet yesterday and had lost 2 lbs. Y'all, that's insanity. She looks SO lanky to me for Blakely Boo! I can't imagine her losing any more weight! Ridiculous. I think she's perfect. However, knowing she is "supposed" to lose more has been good motivation for me to get her exercise in. Which is in turn great for me, too in my current I'm-gaining-weight-every-week condition.

Hubs usually waits on me to get home from the office and we all go on a family walk together all around the neighborhood. We have a big 'hood with lots of streets and culdesacs, so it works out great. After her vet report yesterday, we decided we'd go on a nice long walk. I've been told by so many people I need to stay as active as possible during pregnancy. Apparently it keeps you feeling good, it might help labor, and it helps you get the weight off post baby. We'll see if any of that is true, but I'm happy to try! I haven't had problems staying active so far in my second trimester. I'm sure that'll change when I'm big as a house.

For now, at 19 weeks into this human-growing experiment, I'm feeling pretty good!


As for Blakely, she is POOPED after our nightly walks. :) Sweetest pup on earth. I'm not partial or anything.


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