Thursday, July 25, 2013

21 Weeks

How far along? 21 weeks

Size of baby? We had an ultrasound today, and baby girl is measuring 3 days ahead of schedule and now weighs a full pound! She's about 11 inches long from head to toe.

How I'm changing? Gettin' large and in charge. I was always in charge if you ask Hubs. I've officially gained 12 pounds. I'm now having so called "round ligament pains" on a daily basis, which makes me a hardcore whiner. Seriously though, these little stretching pains can be a real party pooper. I'm still waiting for my belly button to go flying off.

What I'm eating/not eating? I'm eating almost everything now. I even tried shrimp while we were in Charleston, and baby didn't evict it or send me to the bathroom in protest.

How I'm sleeping? Still sleeping good, although I'm having more difficulty falling right back to sleep after I get up in the middle of the night.

Movement? Yes! I feel her almost everyday now. I always feel thumps on my right side, so I just assumed that was her kicking me. Well, today in the ultrasound I was feeling these "kicks", and the ultrasound tech told me that her head and hands were actually on that side. I could see on the screen she was throwing punches over her head, ha! So, I guess I haven't really felt kicks yet... just mad right hooks. Go girl.

Interesting tidbits? Discovered today that my ultrasound tech is an SC native and graduated from MUSC. She told me her daughter had just applied to USC and was really hoping to get in. I told her I was a Carolina grad, too. It made me feel good to know I've been in such great care. GO GAMECOCKS! (Commence the Clemson hubby's eye rolling)

Best moment of the week? TODAY! We had our anatomy scan today and everything looked great. I'm so thankful. I haven't really been nervous or anxious this entire pregnancy until this morning. I knew the doctor would be looking for serious medical conditions through this ultrasound, which had me worried. I thank God the baby looks so healthy. And, our 16 week ultrasound was confirmed today... Baby girl is still a girl! :) She had her mouth wide open during most of the exam as if she were singing a tune. Her Gigi and Granddaddy will like that, she's already trying out for the choir!


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