Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Nursery Curtains & Art

You know how you become unproductive after a vacation? At least that happens to me. That hasn't been the case this time though. I was staring at this fabric just sitting in a box on Monday night, and decided it was time to put together curtains for the nursery. The belly is only getting bigger, which makes it harder and harder to stand for long periods of time. My lower back has already started hurting some, which worries me a bit considering I'm only half way through this pregnancy. It's great motivation to get my butt in gear though and finish these projects before I get huge!

Reminder- I do not sew. I took a sewing class (ONE class) and hated it. I realized I have strengths, and sewing was just not going to be one of them. The class was meant to last a month, and I quit after day one, frustrated and in a panic standing in front of notions and what nots I'd need for sewing 101. Please- headache! But, there is hope for us non-sewers. Stitch witch and hem tape are my best friend. I've made curtains and pillows for a few rooms in our house, and all have held up great!

This is the antique rod I got from Amazon for $11.99 and one day shipping. I also got the white drapery hooks from Amazon. They were $6 for a 10 pack, I used two packs. The fabric I chose is Richloom Isis in Seaglass. had it on sale about a month ago, and I scooped up several yards to complete 96" curtains and a lumbar pillow (have to take advantage of 20% off deals!). This project cost roughly $170 total. That's pretty good for two panels and hardware I think! Hubs' eyes are probably big as saucers right now... men just don't know ;)

iphone pics...

The view from the glider corner. I decided to make the drapes long so that they would puddle the floor, no reason other than I just really like that look. I didn't line the curtains, obviously since I didn't sew them, but the fabric is a heavy thick linen. Hopefully between that and the plantation blinds we have, the sun will be blocked enough for some good zzzzzzs. I love the way it looks paired with the Waverly Cross Section in Honeydew (pillows).

I chose this fabric mainly based on the colors, and the fact that the flowers almost look like a watercolor painting. It didn't hurt that the fabric was on sale, either.

After completing the curtains, I had just enough fabric to finish out a 16x26 lumbar for the chair. I hope baby girl loves it all as much as I do! :)  Now, I just need to finish two floor pillows and a crib skirt. Other than that, my no-sew to-do list is just about done!

Ok, let's talk nursery art. I have to admit I found this art before I even knew I was having a girl. I am not really into baby-baby stuff, but I do LOVE anything and everything Disney. I decided to see what the Etsy talents had to offer, and found these photographs.

They are called "Princess Laundry Day". I just about died at the title. How cute is that?  I ordered them right after we found out we were having a girl. Each print is 9x12.

They came in the mail yesterday in the sweetest little packaging.

Now I need to find some frames and decide what wall they will live on! The photographer is Ana Pontes. She has several different fairy-tale like photographs, but she also has some beautiful flowers/beach scenes as well. I would highly recommend her shop!

Now you watch, I've got all this done and I'll find out at birth baby "girl" is actually a boy. Ha! Either way, I'll be happy as can be. :)


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