Monday, July 22, 2013


We just got back from the best trip maybe ever. We took a "babymoon", ok it maybe wasn't technically that since we head to Charleston, SC every summer, but since I'm "in a family way" as Hubs says, we dubbed it an official babymoon. We spent Thursday-Sunday staying in Isle of Palms and it was fantastic.. and of course it went by so fast I feel so bummed now!

On Thursday, we went straight to The Citadel on our way into town. Hubs is a '99 grad, so we usually will stop in on campus and see what's new (or as he says, see how "easy" the new corps has it- air conditioning what?!) and visit the bookshop.  It's always nice to visit during the summer because it isn't crowded and you can kind of freely roam. For example, Hubs totally made me pose in front of the Mike Company M in the Law Barracks. Baby girl could only be so lucky to one day marry a Mike Co. man!

Campus is completely breathtaking I think. And the men are HOT in those uniforms, just sayin'.

And before we left the giftshop, I got baby girl a little onesie to cheer on her daddy's alma mater. :)

That night for dinner we went to Morgan Creek Grill at the IOP Marina. I had been by the marina several times, but we hadn't ever actually stopped in and checked it out. This was our view at dinner.

Can you beat that? I don't think so. I had a peppercorn filet that was served with mashed potatoes and asparagus, and I ate every bite. Hubs got the mahi-mahi and said it was ok, but he was happy just watching the sunset over the intracoastal. Who wouldn't be? Can I move back to SC now?

After dinner we decided to stroll along the beach. It was a gorgeous night with really nice weather. The beach of course was not crowded at night, so it was a great time for getting pictures of the sunset.

The next day was spent doing a whole lot of nothing on the beach, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I could spend my life on the sand. We did have to dodge a quick rain shower while we were beachin' it, but we had a beach umbrella that we crouched under, and the storm soon passed in about 10 minutes. It was funny to see all the yankees running for dear life. :) Don't they know anything about beach weather?

After the beach, we went to Water's Edge on Shem Creek. We went here last summer, too, and Hubs dreamed about their flounder for a full year.... so back we went. The food was great, but I'm pregnant and I'll eat anything. I'm happy to report that I had shrimp and it did NOT make me sick! Maybe shrimpies are back on the menu, hooray! Afterwards we walked down the docks over the marsh and watched yet another sunset. Seriously, being back in rainy Atlanta today is HARD!

I had to put these pictures side by side. Orange dress is from last year's trip. It's funny what a year changes! A baby BUMP and 10 pounds later.... Hubs is looking about the same, just cuter. Why do men get better looking with age, and we turn into shriveled prunes? IDK.

I will take any one of these houses, thanks.

There was an artist painting the sunset over the marsh at the end of the dock. I stopped and watched him for a while. It was great to see another painter's technique and skill. His name was Steven Jordan, check out his work.

On Saturday, we crossed the bridge back over to Downtown Charleston. We spent the day shopping the Market, people watching, and touring the Provost Dungeon & Old Exchange. It was slightly overcast, so the heat wasn't unbearable. It was actually really pleasant all weekend as far as temps go. Usually this time of year it's so hot and sticky! For lunch, we headed to Fleet Landing. Another great view to be had, this one overlooked the Charleston Harbor.

We had to be those people and take a picture of the food. Hubs ordered the brunch, which consisted of low country bbq, grits (done RIGHT), biscuits, and fried eggs. Holy cow. I have to just tell you it was unfreakinbelievable. Seriously the best grits I've ever had, and that's saying a lot coming from this grit-eatin' girl.

I hate that our vacation is now over, but so thankful we got the chance to spend so much time in our favorite city. Every time we go home to SC, we ask ourselves what we're doing in Atlanta. One day we'll be calling SC home again, we just don't know when that one day will be.

Speaking of changing cities, we said our goodbyes to Hubs' sister Lauren, her hubby Add, and my nephews Addison and Houston and niece Emily Ruth. They are moving to ITALY!!! I'm so excited for them, and can't wait to visit them next year! It was hard saying goodbye though, knowing we won't see them for so long. I know they will be making wonderful memories over the next few years.

And here we are at Monday again. Until next time, Charleston!


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