Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekend Happenings

Pool Day.  Saturday my parents came in town and we spent the day over at my brother's. Their neighborhood has the BEST pool (complete with huge water slide- of which I was not allowed to partake in due to bump and all). It was such a fun time with my nieces and family, and I got some much needed sun... although I'm still a bit ghostly. Atlanta does that to you.  

Bump Update.  I decided to buy my first one-piece suit since things are shifting and expanding, and I'm feeling less than swimsuit ready. I scooped up a cute black one at Target on Friday that I love! It's very comfy and covers nicely. I can't wait to look back at this picture of me (13 weeks + 2 days) and laugh my head off when I'm huge. You probably can't tell, but things are shifting upwards. I feel like the baby has definitely moved up and I'm starting to "pop". My pants buttons have definitely popped, anyways.
13 weeks, 2 days

D with Lily and Gray

Brother, sis-in-law, and nieces

Mom and me with sweet Lily, who is almost ONE

Food. My appetite is slowly coming back after weeks of spending too much time with the porcelain throne of death. Food is finally starting to taste good again. There's nothing like my mama's cooking, and she prepared such a yummy lunch for us all on Sunday. Deviled eggs (which I think over the weekend I had about 20), sweet horseradish pickles, and sandwiches with turkey breast (yes, I heated mine up prego-police), tomatoes (my weakness right now), meunster cheese, spicy mustard, mayo, and sourdough bread. Nom nom nom.

Odd Converstaions with Strangers Files.  Mom and I were checking out at Publix over the weekend, and the grocery bagger dude says to me "Are you all French?" Me, "Um, no?". Grocer "Oh, you look French. What is your nationality?" Me, "American?". Grocer "Oh, you both look foreign to me." I'm not sure if this was a compliment. I pondered over it with my mom, wondering what about us southern girls looks French in any way. Was it our sundresses? Aren't French women tall? We are both 5'3". Was it what we were buying? Lunch meat, fruit, and lotion. Couldn't be that. Maybe I needed to shave... I digress. Weird.

Blakely Goose. Chuggy beans had a great weekend, too. She is so big and becoming such a lady. Love this doggy. How cute is she?

And in true weekend fashion, it all went by too quickly. Here's to a speedy Monday and getting through another long week!


Sweet Caroline said...

Hate you had a rough first trimester:( Glad you are feeling better!!! Can't wait to follow along with baby Houston!

Ashley @ The Houston House said...

Thanks Caroline!

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

Sorry the beginning was a little rough. You look beautiful and happy. I wish I had a pool like that near me.

Ashley @ The Houston House said...

Thanks Linda!

Ashley @ The Houston House said...

Thanks Linda!

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