Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Saving Face

I'm having a rough morning so far (isn't sickness supposed to be gone by your second trimester? I guess not for all of us!)... so I thought I'd focus on something more positive, like what's been my saving face for pregnancy acne. Around week 8, I started breaking out. Not the kind of nasty big break outs you get at 16 just before prom (and right on your nose), but the annoying type that would warrant a topical presciption from a dermatologist. Pregnancy is a funny time for your face- just when you need acne fighting products, you can't use any of them because they will absolutely give your baby 4 heads and a tail. What's a girl to do?

I stumbled across the Belli line when reading Fit Pregnancy magazine. The entire line is made for pregnant ladies with no harsh chemicals that could potentially hurt the growing bean, and they have stuff specifically for acne, score! I started using the acne wash and it has worked WONDERS on my skin. I also use the moisturizing face lotion. It all has a light lemony/grapefruit smell that is very refreshing, especially if you are spending your days nauseated.

My friend Tyler also had some suggestions for me (she just had her little boy on Saturday! Yay!).  Let me tell you, it is awesome when your friends are pregnant with you. Some of the best advice comes from your girlfriends rather than your doctor in my opinion! Besides, did I really want to call the nurse's hotline complaining about a little zit here and there when other ladies have real dilemmas? That's embarrassing. Onto the products. Tyler told me about Garnier BB Cream, and it works amazingly and it's so affordable. It is lightweight and really does a good job hiding the flaws and the dark circles. I LOVE this stuff. The other is a natural avocado and oatmeal clay mask by Freeman. I could sit around all day smelling this stuff alone, but it works good on the face, too. I use it once a week to unclog my pores and get refreshed. Love it!

Glad my acne has cleared up with the help of these products, still waiting on the nausea to be gone for good. I'll get there!


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