Thursday, May 30, 2013

CFA Cobb Salad

I don't do food posts, so you know it has to be good if I'm doing one now. Let's talk about Chick-fil-A. I went to the CFA near my work a couple weeks ago for a caesar wrap with caesar dressing. It was their pleasure as always, but the guy told me they are weeding those out and won't be carrying the caesar dressing anymore. Bummer! I have been addicted to that wrap for years. In protest, I haven't given in to the new salads on the menu, until today.

I'm sitting here in a post-cobb salad stupor. A drunken avacado-egg-corn-fried chicken haze. I'm not kidding. I NEVER get up for salads. I can't get excited about leafy greens like I can hamburgers. That's just the honest truth. Not to mention, raw veggies have been a trigger to my morning sickness (especially raw broccoli and baby carrots, two things I loved previously). But, this salad made the baby cut. You have got to go and try it for yourself. I'd call it more of a southwestern style more than a cobb style salad, and that's probably why I love it so much.

Nom nom nom nom nom......................


Marsha Splenderosa said...

You are adorable. Baby cut. I'll remember this forever. Now about that salad. I'm going to try it, everyone in our house loves CFA, but me. Now, I can order something from there too. Hope you're feeling OK and that all is well. xx's

Sweet Caroline said...

OMG! I tried to comment yesterday but couldn't. I was literally eating one AS I read your blog lie! Did you see my Friday Five last week? I LOVE them. I have been getting grilled chix to try and be healthy and it is just as good!!

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