Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Swatches are taking over my life... that is nothing out of the usual. I seriously think I might have my mom make a quilt one day of the many swatches I've picked up over the years. Yes, I have that many! But this time, the fabric is hunting is so much more fun because it's for the little person I'm busy growing! HA!

My first thought for a girl's nursery was lavender and gray. Like a really soft lavender that basically looks gray, not Barney purple. Then I got to thinking, I really should do this room in a color I like a lot because I have to spend a lot of time in there, and what does a baby really care anyways? Although, as I type that, I think if my daughter is anything like me she will absolutely have an opinion on fabrics and colors. That makes me laugh. In any event, I started thinking BLUE. Yes, BLUE, even for a girl. It's my favorite color, and actually my nursery and my room growing up was baby blue, and I think I turned out ok (no comments needed here).

I think blue can be girly if you do it right, right? So anyways, here was my jumping off point. I found Richloom's Isis in Seaglass first (the large flowers) and immediately fell in love with it. I initially paired it with apple and lime greens and other seafoamish blues.

These guys were also in the runnings.. Waverly Cross Section in honeydew and a few Premier Print patterns I liked.

But then I rethought the greens and opted to go a bit softer, using only the blue shades found in the Richloom Isis in Seaglass. I put all my swatches in this color side by side, and got so excited! The beginnings of baby girl's nursery. Makes me giggle, hehe :)

From top to bottom: Richloom Isis in Seaglass, Ticking Stripe in Aqua, Lewis & Sheron Tahitian Stitch in Horizon, Waverly Jacquard in Aqua, Braemore Spice Market in Aquamarine, and the small swatch is Waverly Pebble upholstery weight fabric. I'm not sure I'll use all of these or just 2 or 3. I'll probably use a lot of the ticking stripe because it's only $6/yard. Score. I plan to make baby girl drapes, a crib skirt, a bean bag cover, and some toss pillows for an upholstered toy bench and a lumbar for the glider. Can't wait!!

Did anyone else do blue in their little girl's room?


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