Thursday, June 27, 2013

17 Weeks

How far along? 17 weeks

Size of baby? turnip

How I'm changing? Somewhere between last week and this week, everything shifted and moved outward. And, so the beginnings of my irrational pregnancy fear...

According to my doctor's appointment yesterday, I've gained 6 pounds so far this pregnancy. Not bad considering I lost weight in the first tri due to sickness. I'm happy to report I haven't hugged a toilet, roadside, or trashcan in about two weeks now.  Holler (but not hollerin' Ralph).

Activity level? Same as last week, although I've been able to increase the length of my walks, which Blakely really appreciates.

What I'm eating? Pretty much anything, and often! Summer is great for my second trimester. Everything is in season. The fruit and veggies never tasted so darn good!! I've recently gotten into Izze. My favorite flavor I've tried is probably the clementine. It's hard to find things other than boring water to drink that isn't loaded with sugar or caffeine, or both. I'm hooked!

What I'm not eating? Saying no to broccoli and seafood. Ick.

How I'm sleeping? Still sleeping great!

Best moment of the week? Getting a good report yesterday at my check-up. Blood pressure, weight, and the baby are all lookin' good. I also loved getting a surprise package from my best friend back home who sent baby girl a very cute little girly onesie. Thanks, Ash!

I should probably rethink these morning photoshoots, wherein I closely resemble a walker. I'm about as hungry as a walker these days. Braaaaaaaains.


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