Monday, June 24, 2013

See Baby Atlanta

Last Thursday, Hubs and I had our appointment at See Baby to find out the gender of our little cutie. I'd never heard of See Baby before until a friend of mine told me they were running a half-off deal for 3d/4d ultrasounds. So, of course I checked it out. The website and reviews were impressive, so I bought the deal and immediately got an appointment for a 16 week gender determination- the earliest possible you can go, because I'm a freak like that.

See Baby is in Midtown Atlanta inside of Emory Hospital. I'd never been to Emory Midtown before, and it was a REALLY  nice hospital. I was so impressed. So was the hubs. Okay, so we walk into the See Baby suite, and spa music is playing. And it smells like a spa. I was immediately offered a cold water and and big comfy chair to sit in while I waited. Was I at a doctor's office, or Grove Park Inn Spa? I wasn't sure for a minute.

I got called pretty quickly back to the ultrasound room. More spa music, a huge comfy bed to lay on.  More good smelling spa aromas in there, too. The room was dark and there were 3 huge flat screens on the walls for viewing our little one. I almost fell asleep before it started because I was THAT relaxed! More perks- the ultrasound gel was HEATED, so it wasn't frigid cold like it ALWAYS is at the normal doctor's office. After the ultrasound, the tech offered me a warm towel and another cold water.

The deal we bought was for the Cameo Package, which included a 15 minute 3d/4d ultrasound, gender determination, a CD of all the pictures, and a DVD of the entire ultrasound. AWESOME. Let me just tell you how many times I've watched the DVD... ha! Obsessed much, yes.

Within about 5 minutes of looking at our little squirmer (baby would NOT stop moving and dancing around), the tech revealed Baby Houston is a GIRL! We weren't THAT surprised because we'd been thinking girl all along, and at our 13 week ultrasound, my doctor's office made a guess that it was a girl... See Baby just confirmed that. We might not have been surprised, but we are definitely excited!

IT'S A GIRL! :)  Oh, and See Baby gets two thumbs up from me.


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