Friday, June 21, 2013

An "Irrational" Pregnancy Fear

The only reason I would dub this fear irrational is because my husband tells me that it is. It's very real in my head, however, and I have decided to blog it so that others who may also suffer from this "irrational" fear can find some comfort in numbers. You aren't the only one that thinks this will inevitably happen to you.

Let's start with some background. I'm 5'3". That's not tall. This is my first pregnancy. Lots of room for worry. My torso is 10 inches in length. Yea, I measured. 10 inches from hip to chest. No lie. I find myself often wondering- where is everything going to go? Outward, obviously the only way it can go for a short girl. Way, way, way outward. Which led me to the fear.

Spontaneous Pregnancy Explosion. I picture my torso exploding. Much like the scene of a True Blood vampire being staked, and similar to a smashed pumpkin. Just- BOOM! SPE IS a thing. Rare, but documented. There's also ASPE, or Acute Spontaneous Pregnancy Explosion, wherein just your belly button goes flying off like a cork. There are women out there who have lost their belly button. It's just... gone.

I don't understand where a full sized baby is going to fit within 10 inches of real estate. I'm going to have a foot hanging out my mouth by August, I just know it.

"Irrational". Please.


Tery H said...

You will be fine! Your body is capable of amazing things. I am 5'4"...I have not measured my torso but I have been told I am mostly legs.
I have had 4 babies ranging from 7 lbs 12 ozs to 9 lbs 2 ozs. I did not explode! My first daughter was over 8 lbs, then the 9 pounder, followed by my littlest at over 7lb and the last was a little over 8. Yes, you will go out in front...think beach ball under your shirt! I remember feeling like my babies were under my ribs, very uncomfortable the further you get. Just remember what my doctor told one stays pregnant forever, that baby will come out and it will all be worth it.
Good luck! I wish you the best and soon you will be holding your beautiful baby!

Ashley @ The Houston House said...

Thank you!!

Kira said...

Ash, if I managed two full sized babies in my torso, I think baby girl will manage. Xo! Kura

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