Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Announcing to Hubs

Seems like forever ago that I found out about the bean, told my hubby, and spilled the news to our parents. I had better jot this down so I can look back on it and remember the fun parts (you know, before all the vomiting commenced).

On a Tuesday, March 26, I woke up from the most realistic dream I'd had in a while. I dreamed I took a pregnancy test, and it was positive. I hadn't ever dreamed something like THAT before. Sure, I'd dreamed I had kids, etc, but not that I was in the bathroom peeing on a stick (y'all do know that's how it's done, right?), and it was positive. I remember the dream to this moment clear as day. I told Hubs about it, and he mumbled something through his sleep and rolled over until his alarm went off. That day he was off to Chicago, or Seattle, or Los Angeles, I can't remember now. But, I do remember that he would be out of town for the week, until Friday afternoon.

That day after work, I decided what the heck- let's see if my dream meant anything at all. I was fully expecting a negative test. I didn't feel weird, I wasn't technically "late" yet, I had zero symptoms. Except for the dream. The whole time I'm waiting for results, not nervous. Seriously thinking "I'm not pregnant". 

Then 3 minutes later, this is what I got.

Holy. Crap. I would use other explicatives that were running in my head, but I'm pretty sure my mom will read this post and not appreciate that so much. Just know- I was SHOCKED. And then BUMMED because I had to wait three more days before Hubs would be home and I could share the news.


I had a CLE all day that Friday (which was Good Friday). I knew Hubs would be home around 2, but my CLE didn't let out until 5. That was torture. I decided to tell him with an Easter card. The gist of the card was Happy Easter, and I put a PS in there- "we're egg-specting". Right when I got home from the CLE, I gave him the card and he was reading it aloud, totally unsuspecting. I will NEVER forget the look on his face. EVER. He scooped me up and then we both started laughing. Then the praying and worrying set in, and neither have stopped since.

I can't wait to see a combination of these two. We are so excited :)


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