Friday, June 14, 2013

Nursery Fabrics

Um, yes. I need to know if this baby is a boy or girl, like yesterday. I don't know how people wait until birth. That just isn't in me to do. I'm such a planner and have to know information that's available. HAVE TO. Anyway, I still have to wait to find out for a little while. I'm thinking either way the nursery will be blue because, hello, that's my favorite color. Maybe if it's a boy a black and white theme. Who knows.

Until we do know, fabric combos will be dancing in my head!


Marsha Splenderosa said...

You must wait until you know as you sound like a perfectionist. And, if you made a mistake you would think it was tragic. Or you could do what my daughter-in-law did, use leopard! When she had her 2nd child, a girl, she trimmed the leopard in pink satin. Ahem.

Ashley @ The Houston House said...


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